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About Kim Morley

Kim is an award winning registered midwife, nurse and independent nurse prescriber with additional qualifications in epilepsy, complex pregnancies, child protection, pharmacology, research in evidence based practice, diagnosis and history taking, epidemiology and advanced clinical practice. Kim specialises in antiepileptic drug prescribing management & all aspects of epilepsy. She conducts a unique service alongside her obstetric colleagues, personalising holistic care and treatment support from the preconception years to motherhood. In addition, she works as an epilepsy specialist nurse for neurology; is an assessor for MBRRACE & expert advisor for Epilepsy Action, SUDEP Action & CareEpilepsy.  

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Proud to be part of this EMA first public hearing in 2017

Contact details for further information, presentations & lectures

Kim Morley, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse/Midwife Practitioner, Florence Portal House, Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Romsey Rd, Winchester, SO22 5DG. Email: kim.morley@nhs.net Appointments: 01962 824210 Facebook Group: women with epilepsy Twitter: @epilepsymidwife  

The new maternity epilepsy toolkit

Maternity epilepsy shared-care toolkit
Please ensure you download latest version (10/12/2017) and print double sided. Please reference if used in any publications.
Maternity epilepsy shared care toolkit P[...]
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A new peer reviewed maternity epilepsy toolkit designed to improve history taking; reduce risk, increase knowledge and awareness and provide a summary of a woman’s epilepsy management in pregnancy. Documentation should start at the booking appointment and continue throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. Please use alongside information from the RCOG green top epilepsy in pregnancy guidelines (2016) and this website. Click on the PDF below to download and print the PDF double sided. Qualitative research in progress. 

Copyright Kim Morley: please reference if used in any publications. 

Presentations & study days 

23/02/18 First seizure to diagnosis and emergency management. ED Practitioners HHFT

21/02/18 Epilepsy impact and special groups, HHFT Medics

20/02/18 Sharing responsibility for women of child-bearing age taking valproate and other AEDs, Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), Brussels.

26/01/18 Women with epilepsy and learning disability. Psychiatry and LD. Poles Copse, Otterbourne

24/01/18 Specialist support for women taking valproate and other AEDs. Psychiatry. Thatchbury Mount

07/12/17 MBRRACE-UK Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care Lessons learned to inform maternity care from the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths and Morbidity 2013–15 (Manchester) Two Poster Abstract Presentations.

28/11/17 MBRRACE-UK Perinatal Confidential Enquiry into Term Intrapartum Stillbirths and Intrapartum Related Neonatal Death Report Launch Meeting (London) Two Poster Abstract Presentations 

15/11/17 Royal Hants County Hospital Medics, Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. 

15/11/17  Valproate in women of child-bearing potential, Psychiatry, Parklands Hospital Basingstoke

08/11/17 Preconception & Pregnancy Management in women with epilepsy, GP conference, St Peters Hosp 

4-6/10/17 International League Against Epilepsy (Leeds) Poster Abstract Presentation Agenda

26/09/17 Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) Public Hearing, European Medicines Agency. Professional Speaker Agenda

07/09/17 North Hampshire CCG, 'Specialist support for all women with epilepsy and those taking AEDs'

14/08/17 Increasing epilepsy awareness, Andover War Memorial Hospital, Nurse training

07/08/17 First seizure, pearls and pitfalls. Medics training, Royal Hants County Hospital 

07/07/17 St Helen's & Whiston Hospital RCM Branch: Epilepsy training day for midwives

23/06/17 Wessex & Oxford Obstetric Medicine, Newbury, Preconceptual & Pregnancy Management in women with epilepsy: Best practice. 

21/06/17 Royal Hants County Hospital Medics, Increasing epilepsy awareness

20/06/17 RCM HHFT Branch, Embracing midwifery support to optimise care for women with epilepsy

05/06/17 McGill Ward Royal Hants County Hospital Increasing epilepsy awareness  

05/05/17 Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Embedding a maternity epilepsy toolkit into clinical practice. Obs, Gynae and midwifery attendees. Improving safety for pregnant women with epilepsy

16/03/17 Epilepsy Specialist Interest Group Bristol Audio presentation, Perinatal women with epilepsy 

12/01/17 Education Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital, 'Epilepsy in Pregnancy'. Obs & Gynae trainees. 

11/01/17 LSA Annual Southern Supervisors of Midwives Conference, Reading 'Women with epilepsy'.

29/11/16 Epilepsy Action Professional Workshop, St Peter’s Hospital. 'Epilepsy in pregnancy' 

16/11/16  University of Hertfordshire Current Research on epilepsy assessment, treatment and management (genetics) and evidence based practice.

19-20/1016: RCM conference the contribution midwives can make in reducing human factors associated with poor fetal and maternal outcomes in women with epilepsy. 

Learn about care for women with epilepsy in pregnancy.                                               RCM Better Births Webinar Morley K (2016) 

News update

28/03/18 Educational attainment of children born to mothers with epilepsy 

Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry


26/03/18 Purple Day for Epilepsy. Do get involved, click: Epilepsy ActionEpilepsy Society

SUDEP Action and Epilepsy Research


23/03/18 Latest recommendations from European Medicines Agency New measures to avoid valproate exposure in pregnancy


9/02/18 Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) recommends new measures to avoid valproate exposure in pregnancy. Click link and take survey on page 3  European Medicines Agency


5/01/18 Medscape Obs/Gynae & Women's Health. Topiramate dose in Mom affects oral cleft Risk in child


8/12/17 Buccolam (buccal midazolam) brand. Class 4 Medicines defect Information: Device warning


7/12/17 MBRRACE-UK launch lessons to be learnt and recommendations for specialist care for women with epilepsy : MBRRACE-UKMBRRACE identified a number of women who died from epilepsy stopped their AED treatment early in pregnancy because they or their doctors were not aware of the risk to them and their unborn babies due to uncontrolled seizures. Women who received specialist advice preconception or in early pregnancy encountered the least complications in pregnancy for them and their developing baby. It is imperative women with epiepsy of child-bearing age receive specialist care before and during pregnancy: MBRRACE-UK NPEU. Proud to be part of this chapter group.


24/11/17: Antiepileptic drugs: updated advice on switching between different manufacturers' products: Click GOV.UK


20/11/2017 CEU Clinical Guidance: Drug interactions with hormonal contraception 


19/10/17 Valproate and foetal anticonvulsant syndrome discussed in parliament. View the debate 


26/09/17 Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) Public Hearing on valproate and related substances, European Medicines Agency. Pleased to be speaking at this hearing on behalf of women with epilepsy.


22/09/17 Many women still not aware of risks of taking valproate in pregnancy survey conducted by Epilepsy Society, Epilpsy Action and Young Epilepsy reveals: Link to Epilepsy Action news page 


Are you a girl or woman under the age of 50, with epilepsy? Please take part in this survey to find out how many women are aware of the risks around the epilepsy drug sodium valproate during pregnancy. The survey is being run by Epilepsy Society, Young Epilepsy and Epilepsy Action: 

https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SVArisks Please fill in the survey and share with friends and family.*Forms of sodium valproate include Epilim, Episenta and Epival. It may also be called valproate or valproic acid. 18 August 2017


European Medicines Agency Public Hearing on valproate risks when prescribed in pregnancy on 26th September 2017. Chance to have your voice heard and take part. Do read Public Hearings Guidance before completing the Application form for participation Closing date 25 August 2017: sorry expired now.


16/6/17 New RCM epilepsy i-learn module launched for midwives. Click RCM epilepsy in pregnancy i-learn So proud to have been asked to write this on behalf of the RCM.


20/4/17 New evidence in France of harm from epilepsy drug valproate BBC News Important for women taking valproate to have preconception counselling whilst using effective contraception. Please do not just stop your medication because of the risk from seizures if you are unmedicated. Do consult your doctor promptly for advice and specialist referral.    


4/04/17 Patient Safety Alert click: NHS Improvements Resources to support safe use of valproate 

If you are prescribed sodium valproate & a woman of child-bearing potential, please use effective contraception and seek prompt preconception advice to help you with decision making and choice for future child-bearing. If your baby has been exposed to valproate & your are concerned about your child's development, please discuss this with your GP and health visitor   


Important information for girls and young women: sodium valproate and pregnancy. Click: Medicines For Children 22/03/17 

Other useful tools, articles, organisations and links

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Epilepsy Specialist Nurse Association (ESNA) Contact:ESNA online

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Assessment: GAD-7 Anxiety Test Questionnaire

GP and Health Professional Resources: Epilepsy Action Primary Care Resource Pack

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Learning disability health charter

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Educational attainment of children born to mothers with epilepsy 
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Multi-drug Interaction Checker Medscape.com drug/drug/interaction/checker

NHS Choices: Moodzone: Self help toolkit for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Neurochecklist includes evidence based advice for epilepsy diagnosis & management 

Patient health questionnaire (PHQ-9) Instrument for measurement of common mental health disorders

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Professional guidelines

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2016) Epilepsy in Pregnancy. Green-top Guideline No. 68. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

SIGN guidelines (2015) Diagnosis and management of epilepsy in adults

International League Against Epilepsy Guidelines, Reports & Position Papers on Epilepsy

NICE clinical guideline 137 (2012) The epilepsies: the diagnosis and management of the epilepsies in adults and children in primary and secondary care.

Research opportunities

Epilepsy Action Research studies

Epilepsy Society Research projects

Epilepsy Research UK Transforming lives through research

Publications by the author

Morley K (2017) The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Epilepsy i-module. Poster Abstract. MBRRACE-UK Launch meetings, 2017, London and Manchester   

Morley K (2017)  Exploring midwives experiences of using a maternity epilepsy toolkit. Poster Abstract. MBRRACE-UK Launch meetings, 2017, London and Manchester.  

Morley K (2017) Exploring midwives experiences of using a maternity epilepsy toolkit. Poster Abstract 26 p68. The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) British Chapter Conference 2017, Leeds. 

Morley K (2017) Epilepsy i-learn module Royal College of Midwives. Available from: RCM Epilepsy i-learn module  

Morley K (2016, October) Validation of an epilepsy shared-care toolkit designed to reduce disparity in maternity care provision. Poster presented at the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) British Chapter Conference 2016, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. 

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How can you empower women to manage their own epilepsy?
How can you empower women to manage thei[...]
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