Women with epilepsy
Women with epilepsy
Pregnant women with epilepsy-a maternity[...]
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toolkit above. Designed to assist history taking; reduce risk, increase knowledge and awareness and provide a summary of management in pregnancy. For further information click on Professional page 


This toolkit has been incorporated into the new RCM i-learn epilepsy in pregnancy module.

Click: RCM i-learn


Founder of website:

Kim Morley, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse/Midwife Practitioner.

RCM National & Regional Award Winner, 'Mum's Midwife of the Year,' 2016.

Based at: Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester. Hampshire. SO22 5DG

email: kim.morley@nhs.net  

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Women can self refer or be referred by a health professional. To action a professional referral, please see your GP or neurology team and ask them to contact me (details above) with your contact details & history summary.


In and out of area NHS referrals accepted. If distance/difficulties with transport is a problem, a telephone consultation can be arranged instead of seeing Kim in clinic.

16 June 17

RCM launches epilepsy in pregnancy i-learn module for midwives.

Click: epilepsy i-learn module 

20 April 17

New evidence in France of harm from epilepsy drug valproate

Click: BBC news

If you take valproate, please seek prompt support from your doctor whilst using effective contraception

4 April 2017

NHS Improvements Safety Alert Resources to support safe use of valproate  MHRA Alert

22 March 17

Important information for girls and young women: sodium valproate and pregnancy. Click:

Medicines For Children

17 March 17

Two students invent a MediVest’ for people with epilepsy. 

Epilepsy vest award

13 March 2017

EMA launches New Safety Review of prenatal valproate exposure Medscape

January 2017

CEU Clinical Guidance Drug interactions with hormonal contraception

12 December 2016

New ILAE classification for seizures Medscape

16 November 2016

Development of a core outcome set for epilepsy in pregnancy Al Watter et al, 2016

Click: Professional page

7 November 2016

Cochrane review published click: Professional page

Weston et al (2016) Monotherapy treatment of epilepsy in pregnancy: congenital malformation outcomes in the child 

31 October 2016

Women with epilepsy should be better informed about risks of sodium valproate in pregnancy

Epilepsy Action survey. See Professional page news update for further advice.

September 2016

Some epilepsy medicines reduce the effectiveness of emergency contraception. Click 

Emergency contraception leaflet for further information.


For further news & resources, click: Professional page


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